Piglet 1.2.2 released

Well, honestly, 1.2.1 was released too but I forgot to add one of the features that I was going to add to it, so there was two releases today.

Either way, here’s whats new:

Support for escaping inside character classes

You can now use escaped characters inside the character classes. That is, regular expressions like [\d\s] will now result in the correct expected expression. This also enables you to escape the – and ^ sign inside the character class which previously was not possible.

Support for ignoring expressions in character classes

For those purposes where you want the lexer to silently drop things instead of generating tokens. Use configurator.Ignore(expression) to ignore it. For instance, this expression ignores a C# style comment: configurator.Ignore(@”//[^\n]*\n”);

As always, please do report any issues or questions, I’m happy to take a look at it!

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