How to handle WPF events in native MFC code

I’ve recently had the dubious pleasure of getting to know C++/CLI and revisiting my good old buddy MFC. The task at hand was to integrate a WPF component into an existing MFC application. That task in itself is probably interesting enough to warrant it’s own post but suffice to say that I got this working properly. This means that we’ll end up with a class deriving CDialog that holds a WPF component inside it. Now we want to handle events. In WPF country, this is easy: add this to our WPF class:

public event EventHandler OnMyEvent;

And in our dialog we hold the WPF control in a gcroot<MyWPFControlClassName>. We also have a method we’d like to get called.

void MyDialogClass::OnEvent(System::Object ^sender, System::EventArgs ^args)
   // Do stuff

First off, what prompted this article is what does not work. You cannot from your unmanaged dialog class pass a pointer to your member function to your event like this.

wpfControl->OnMyEvent += gcnew System::EventHandler(

This does not work, and it’s because your class is not a managed class since it’s not declared as ref class. The error message is also less than helpful. So how to solve this? You need a wrapper. Create this class somewhere in your project.

#pragma once

template<class T> ref class ManagedEventWrapper {
   typedef void(T::*MemberFunction)(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ args);

   ManagedEventWrapper(T& host, MemberFunction function)
      : m_host (host)
      , m_function(function) 
   void OnEvent(System::Object ^sender, System::EventArgs ^args)
      (m_host.*m_function)(sender, args);

   T& m_host;
   MemberFunction m_function;

If you then include this file in your MFC class, then you can subscribe to events like this:

wpfControl->OnMyEvent += gcnew System::EventHandler(
      gcnew ManagedEventWrapper<MyNativeDialogClass>(*this, &MyNativeDialogClass::OnEvent), 

This creates the neccessary layer of extra indirection around the native code to make the event handling work properly. You don’t need to save the reference to ManagedEventWraper since the reference is held by the System::EventHandler which makes sure it does not get garbage collected.

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2 thoughts on “How to handle WPF events in native MFC code

  1. Aamir Butt says:


    Thanks for your blog. Can you shared the dialog code that you wrote which wraps a WPF control? I am trying to write one myself but I am hitting some roadblocks.


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