Whenever I start to write something, the same question invariably pops up: “What do you want to call this/yourself”. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to just give up on cool aliases and just go by real name, so the yourself bit should be covered. It has even went so far that my large Nord sneak archer currently roaming skyrim is named Per as well.

But the other problem remains, and starting this blog it once again reared its ugly head. But in a flash of inspiration, Binary sculpting came to me. It’s actually a pretty old quote of a co-worker of mine back in the days when I did games development.

You see, back in those days in about 2003, games programming still had that old school feeling to it. I suspect much of it is gone now with the age of robust engines and third party technology such as SpeedTree and Havoc. In those days we still wrote our engines ourselves, and almost started afresh with each new project, and with programmers who had been in the game since the early ninties there was  prevalent culture of admiring the age old “squeezing the last bit of performance” out of the machine. Hell, we even wrote our own level editor! But this apparently was nothing compared to the glory olden days.

The project that just wrapped up when I started working there back in -02 was a rally game. It also had a level editor, handwritten by “some guy at codemasters”. Codemaster must have been an aptly named company, because this level editor had been hand-written entirely in x86 assembly. Mind you, this editor wasn’t some low tech 2d editor. Oh no, this was a full blown 3D editor with mesh editing and all that good stuff. When telling me this, our audio programmer guy got this dreamy look in his eyes and uttered the magic words: “That guy, at codemasters, he was a true binary sculptor”.

While this kind of binary sculpting almost never happens in these days, at least not at that scale, I’d like to take this expression as my own and try to further it into the -10s.


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